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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

ACR Supernova "Continuous" Version

A truly classic and special unit!  This is the Supernova unit produced from ACR.  Imported in the US by NESS, this unit features a very large dome where an MSD 250 arc lamp is housed (the original SN250 lamp has been changed out to the newer MSR equivalent; both for reliability and availability).  The large dome rotates in both directions and with adjustable speeds from a super high quality Philips DC motor.  Speed, direction and lamp ignition are controlled from the dedicated wired controller (With a special 7 pin DIN connector).  The rotation belt between the motor and rotation bearing assembly was deteriorated when I received the unit so I found that GE water filter o-rings fit the unit perfectly.  It’s a cheap replacement and easily available.  Also this unit’s dome had been painted silver so I found similar color paint and changed it back to its original glory!

The Supernova is an interesting unit.  It was available in a few different versions.  The most common unit is the “Classic” Supernova.  It featured a SN250 bulb and had a special timer circuit in the unit where it allowed the lamp to be ignited for 4 minutes then automatically turns off for at least 15 minutes.  There was also a “High Power” version that has a SN400 unit with twice as much power for larger rooms / venues.  This unit is the “Continuous” version that featured a much more improved electronic circuitry that allowed the lamp to be continuously ignited / powered for up to 60 minutes before it needed to be powered down. 

This unit has the common 140 small holes for many small beams (similar to a super mirrored ball).  Other available options were domes that had large slits cut into the dome for “Flat Blade” beams of light, and others had larger holes for bigger beams.  For venues / clubs with lower ceilings a half-dome instead of a full ball was available.  For larger clubs / venues longer axle lengths could be purchased so the ball would hang much lower from the base.  The domes were also available in Chrome on special order.  This unit was built in Switzerland.