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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Satel Kum / Gemini Unit

Finally finished being repaired!! The larger of the 2 Kum units made by Satel. This is the Kum (Full Size) light effect. Satel made a smaller unit named the Baby Kum which has a single head and a central 150 watt light source. This unit features 20 - 12 volt, 35 watt AR111 PAR 36 lamps (10 on each side). You can also use standard glass 12 volt, 30 watt sealed beam lamps, but I prefer the AR111 lamps because they are lighter and have a much longer life expectancy. The unit is comprised of the large light unit and a dedicated controller. The controller features a switch to turn on the lamps, the AC motor (Which spins the 2 heads in opposite directions) and the DC motor (Which controls the main rotation of the entire unit). The DC motor also has a speed adjustment know so you can control how fast the main unit rotates. Both motors are very high quality and made from Crouzet of France. The unit is pretty heavy and has been altered from the original condition. This unit was chrome and very rusted when I purchased it and the AC motor was broken. I sanded down the unit, got the AC motor fixed and repainted it. Looks great now!! Check out the pictures of the original condition and compare it to its current condition. Unit made in Spain.

The sad original condition of the unit