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Monday, November 21, 2011

American DJ Krypto 1K

Another classic centerpiece from American DJ. This is the second Krypto that I have picked up. This unit has been modified from its original condition. The MSR 575 arc lamp source has been changed out to a common FEL 1,000 watt halogen lamp. I am assuming that there was an issue with the original light source so it was altered. You can tell this by looking at the lamp base as well as the original wiring has been changed. Also the dichoric glass pieces were removed fro the color wheel letting the unit be only white. I plan on having new dichros made for the unit. The unit features 8 scanning mirrors with 8 constantly rotating mirror dishes. The unit also features 2 large cooling fans for temperature control. The unit has 2 separate sets of controls. Every other mirror is connected to a common control unit. This makes the mirrors respond differently than all moving at the same time. There is also a external remote for the blackout option. Very cool unit. Made in China.