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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Superstar Dual UFO Unit

It is AWESOME!! Similar to a Clay Paky Astrodisco, but adds an additional UFO head. This unit features 2 separate rotating saucers that move in opposite directions at a very fast speed (around 40 RPM), a 6 RPM tumble motor and a 6 RPM base motor. The unit has been built with separate circuits for the lamps, tumble motor, base motor and spin motors (the 2 spin motors are on the same circuit). The original lamps have been upgraded to 120 volt, 300 watt 64514 halogen bulbs. I am not sure what the original bulbs were, but the transformer is still in the base where the lamp circuit used to be connected to. From the age of the unit and size of the transformer I would assume that the original bulbs were 24 volt 250 or 150 watt halogen. Not sure where the unit is made, but I think it is either China or Japan since that is where the motors for the unit were made.

Video of the Unknown Manufacturer Dual UFO Unit