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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Elation EL-1502 Duo-Track Unit

Very unique lighting unit from Elation. This is the EL-1502 Duo-Track dual scanner unit. The fixture has 2 X 82 volt, 250 watt EXY lamps that are mounted back to back projecting 2 beams of light that go through a convex lens, through a rotating gobo/dichoric wheel then onto a scanning mirror. The effect wheel has 12 different gobos/dichros that can be set to change a a constant rate, manual selection from the optional remote (EL-1500/C which I do not have), or switch on the rear or the unit. Each side has a x-scanner that scans the beam left and right to the beat of the music creating a dazzling dual scanning light show. The modular design of the unit is great as you can pull the entire projection unit out from the chassis. This makes repair much easier than many other light units. Currently the scanning mirrors are in bad condition and will need to be replaced. Very cool unit made in China.