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Monday, May 23, 2011

Martin SuperMoon 2 Giant Moonflower

Super sized moonflower unit from Martin. This is a SuperMoon 2 unit with controller. This is the same as the regular SuperMoon, but adds a dedicated controller and variable speed motors. The unit has a 24 volt, 250 watt ELC bulb with a HUGE mirror drum behind it for projection. The mirror assembly is attached to to the chassis with 3 large springs. This allows the unit to shake from an additional motor mounted to the top of the mirror plate. The motor has a piece of heavy metal that is off centered to create the shaking effect. Lastly there is a large color wheel with gels attached on the front of the unit allowing 5 different colors and split colors as well. All of the motors speeds are adjustable from the controller. You can tell this unit is pretty old from the flat ribbon style connection cable between the controller and the light unit. Direct audio can be connected to the controller for sound to motion operation on a selected motor or all motors via switches on the front panel. Currently super expensive Maxon rotation motor is having a gearing issue and parts are on order for repair. Fully operational soon!! Unit made in Denmark.