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Saturday, May 14, 2011

ACR MacArgus Units

These units are AWESOME!! I picked up a rare set of ACR MacArgus units. These are big and bright!! Each unit has an line of 9 X 28 volt 250 watt GE 4596 bulbs that are wired in series. The lamps housing is made into an arc configuration making bright shafts of light. Total of 2,250 watts of lamp power per fixture!! Each unit has the ability to pan and tilt making an intelligent looking light effect. The units can be controlled by the Quatro or the MacSpot controller. The Quatro is a hands-on live controller as the MacSpot controller is better suited for programed movements. The units use high torque gear motors with special sensors (Pots) for control. There are no stepper motors on these units. They use analogue feedback signal so the controllers and units know the position of all units at all times. Units made in Switzerland.