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Friday, April 1, 2011

Coemar Duo 700 MSR

Check out this rare beauty! This is a Coemar Duo 700 MSR dual head scanner light. This unit is SUPER bright as it contains a 700 watt MSR arc lamp in the center that produces perfect light. The unit also uses a separate ballast unit for the lamp. The 2 units are connected by a long umbilical wire cord so it reduces weight and size on the head as well as makes the unit more compact for smaller spaces. Currently the fixture has only 1 power cord attached, but a second can be added for separate control of the fan. Inside the head the lamp sits in the center with a dual set of large convex lenses that focus the beams of light. The beams then go through a dichro/gobo wheel then out another adjustable (focus) lens and onto the rotating mirrors. It is a very cool light show when operating. This unit is fully automatic and is triggers from a microphone found on the base. The effect is a intelligent scanner type effect, but without the need for an external controller. The bulb was damaged during transit so videos will be up as soon as I get the replacement in. Unit made in Italy.