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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

American DJ GoboTec

One of the classic effects from American DJ. This is the GoboTec unit that is very similar to the LyteQuest Prism as it has the same internal rotating gobos, just a different head. I was lucky to find this unit since it was still brand new in the box!! The unit has 3 gobos that change every 8 - 10 seconds and rotate constantly. The light projects from the rear of the unit, goes through a convex lens, through the gobo wheels, through another adjustable focus convex lens then onto a rotating multi-color wheel at the top of the unit. The multi-color wheel spins to the beat of the music. The effect is really stunning!! Bulb source is a 82 volt, 250 watt EXY lamp. Unit uses 4 motors for operation. 1 for the gobo rotation, 1 for the gobo changer, 1 for the rotation head and 1 for the cooling fan. Unit made in Taiwan.

Video of the American DJ GoboTec Unit