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Sunday, February 27, 2011

LyteQuest LQ-441 Prism 4 Units

Video of LyteQuest LQ-441 Prism 4 Unit

Cool little units from LyteQuest. These are Prism 4 units. Each unit has a group of 4 rotating gobos with dichoric filters built in. All gobos/dichros constantly rotate from a central motor. A secondary motor that has a small shaft attached that moves the main wheel 90 degrees about every 10 seconds to make a different gobo/dichoric wheel sit in front of the light source. There is a switch on the rear of the unit that allows the gobo selection to be turned on and off. This allows the same gobo to be used at all times. The light source is a common 120 volt, 250 watt ENH lamp. The light sits at the rear of the unit and goes through a convex lens assembly then through what ever gobo/dichro is in front of the source. The light then emits out of a special front lens that split the beam into 3 separate beams. One of the cool things it that the way the unit opens. The frame with a 2 door design it is easy to change out the bulbs and gobos. Truly a unique light unit! Fixtures made in China.