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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

American DJ Jedi V Units

Truly awesome units!! These are American DJ Jedi V units. Each unit contains 5 X 24 Volt, 150 watt FCS bulbs that rotate to the beat of the music. This produces 5 separate beams of light emitting out of each of the 14 lenses. The unit also rotates at 20 RPM creating a truly awesome lighting effect. This unit is circa 1993 - 1994. Unit made in Taiwan. There are 2 versions here in the pictures. The first version has 2 separate plugs for control of the unit (1 for the base motor and 1 for the top motor and lamps) and the second uses 1 plug for the entire unit. The second unit is sound active which means the 5 bulbs on top rotate to the beat of the music as the entire unit spins at 20 RPM. 

Update: Sound active version has been sold off. 

American DJ Jedi V Video