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Monday, December 20, 2010

%% Upcoming Projects / Units %%

After a few emails wondering what was coming up on the site I created this page. This is a section for projects and units that I am currently working on. These units are in need of repair and not ready to go up on the site. Some of them will be going up for sale after repair.

Lynx Lighting Synchro Scan II Units
NESS Feeler
Meteor HA 360 Moonflower With Remote X 3
Unknown Quad UFO Unit
Meteor Neoflow / Variflow Neon System
Satel Oxis 360 / Neutron Star
Sapro Surfer
Robe Dominator 1200 XT With Controller
T.A.S. Duo
Kreluz Dual Dice With Controller
Kreluz G-90 6/2M Sweeper / Waver
Clay Paky Barriera 90 Degree Oscillating Bar (10 Lamp Version)
Coemar Venus 1200 (Round Version)
SLE Moonflower MK2
Showtec Navigator HMI 575
Coemar Barriera (8 Lamp Versions) X 2
Clay Paky Astrodisco 3
Kremesa B-60/2 Dual Cosmos Ball Unit
Griven Shark
f.a.l. Galactica HMI 575
Lampo Wheeler
Kremesa CR-20L 'Jota' Tree Light
Tripp-Lite LR-4 Helicopters X 2
Kremesa CR 8 / 8 Contra Helicopter
Kreluz Tornado 'Tree Light'
LiteLab L-4040 Mini Color Controller