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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lightwave Research (High End Systems) Color Pro System

A truly awesome color changer system! This is a Color Pro system made from Lightwave Research (Now High End Systems). The system here contains 1 controller and 6 heads. One controller has the ability to control up to 16 heads. There is also an optional adaptor piece that you can purchase to make the units run off of standard DMX 512. Each color Pro unit has 3 ENH 120 volt, 250 watt bulbs at the rear of the unit that illuminate through a set of different dichoric glass pieces that create the three primary colors red, blue and green. The intensity of each color creates the output color of each unit. The controller lets you choose the color and brightness of each unit as well as chase patterns and many different programs. Currently this system is not complete. It is missing some of the front lenses, yolks and yolk bolts and some of the bulbs are not present. The controllers send signal out from a standard 1/4" cable and the units use either a 1/4" plug or 3 pin XLR connector (depending on the age of the unit) to link the units and controller together. On the front of the unit there is a round dial that lets you choose the unit address (1 - 16). Truly a great color changer system!!


  1. Funny, I know these :) A friend of mine has a set of 8 heads + 1 for spare parts, plus 1 controller and another 1 for spare parts. They're all set up and cabled on 2 T-bars.

    He used to do small drive-in shows with that set. Now he doesn't really use them anymore but we recently tested them before moving his stuff to a different house and all was working good.

    What would you price such a set on?

  2. Interesting, you don't see a lot of these. I've got 18 heads and about a half dozen for parts; plus two controllers and two DMX-LWR protocol converters. They have been working great for me since mid 90s with some regular cleaning, some TLC, and lots of AC current! Love the intensity of the primary colors as long as you aren't trying to mix and match or compete with a bunch of Source4 no color 'soids.