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Monday, November 8, 2010

Martin Synchrozap QX250

Awesome light from Martin!! This is a Synchrozap QX250 unit. The fixture features a MSD250 arc lamp at the rear of the unit that shoots through a special beam funnel that focuses through the gobo wheel then into a convex lens. The beam then goes through a dichroric wheel and another convex lens. The final output is split through a set of mirrors then onto the set of rotating mirrored drums. The drums are offset a little so as the beams move from left to right they also move up and down. Unit uses 6 channels of DMX or Martin Protocol. Channel 1 is for the lamp strike / Shutter commands. Channel 2 is for the color wheel and channel 3 is for the gobo wheel. Channels 4 and 5 are for the mirror drums and channel 6 activates the sound to motion and synchronization of the mirror drums. Unit has 6 motors. 1 for the cooling fan and 5 steppers for the color wheel, gobo wheel, shutter and each mirror drum. Unit is built like a tank and weighs quite a bit. Unit made in Denmark.

Martin RoboZap QX25o Video