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Monday, November 8, 2010

Kremesa Star

Very Rare Kremesa Star unit. Unit is a harvester type bar with 12 bulbs that rotate at 60 RPM on the center axis and rotate on a tilt axis 6 RPM then rotate on the main base at 20 RPM. The output is awesome and truly amazing. The bulbs are 12 volt, 50 watt Halostar lamps that replaced the original 6 volt, 30 watt lamps. This unit has been modified from its original factory settings. In the original unit there was a 120 volt stepping down to 72 volt transformer in the unit that was removed and bypassed. Higher wattage 12 volt bulbs were added to create a similar effect without the transformer. Also this unit came originally with the side motor (Tumble)that was 24 volt variable speed for added control and speed adjustable. The controller went bad and a regular 120 volt motor was added. Controller is currently being repaired so the switches and fuses can still be utilized. This unit uses 4 separate control circuits so you can control the unit through a standard relay pack. 3 for the motors and 1 for the lamps. Fixture is missing the cover on the spinning motor (Donations welcome! HA!) so you can see the 60 RPM Kelvin motor. Connections were jumped so testing could be performed. Zip ties and styrofoam blocks kept the unit stable during shipping. Zip ties are in the pictures still. Unit made in Spain.