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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Meteor Multiray Units

Some classic projectors from Meteor!  These are the Multiray units.  Each unit originally featured an 82 volt, 250 watt lamp but the lamps are no longer produced.  These will be converted to line voltage 120 volt, 150 watt FEC lamps.  The large diode on the rear of the unit will be removed as the voltage will no longer have to be reduced.  The light bounces off of the rear dichoric colored dish and then out of the front focusing convex lens making a bunch of small colored beams.  The units are static projectors which means there is no movement – these look great in fog on a chaser.  I am looking for a 4th unit so if anyone happens to have one they would like to part with please contact me.  Units made here in the US!