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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Salvin Oddball UFO Unit

Classic UFO from Salvin!  This is the Oddball unit.  This unit is basically a copy of the Kremesa Neptunos 20 lamp ufo but with a more primitive design.  The unit features 20 X 6 volt, 30 watt Par 36 - 4515 lamps wired in series with a physical UFO configuration.  Independent neon indicators let you know when there is a lamp fault since there are 20 bulbs in series - major time saver and great feature.  The difference between the Kremesa and the Salvin unit is that the Salvin features a dedicated controller with variable speed control of the tumble (side) motor and separate circuits for the additional 2 motors and lamp circuit.  Power is supplied through the controller and connection to the main unit it through a standard analogue 6 pin connector / umbilical.  The unit is all black with the exception of the inner lamp cups (Looks like another copy from the Satel Waltzer and other units).  Classic and very RARE unit that was made here in the US!