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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Satel Go 20

Awesome unit from Satel!  This is the Go 20 'Waltzer' effect unit.  The unit uses 20 - 6 volt, 30 watt 4515 sealed beam lamps all connected in series.  A great feature is neon fault indicators for each lamp.  This will alert you to which bulb is out.  The fixture rotates with a 40 RPM Crouzet base motor and a 8 RPM Crouzet swivel motor.  The effect is a gyrating cluster of lamps twirling in the air.  There were a few versions of this from Satel.  These was a Go 24 (just like this unit but 4 additional lamps), Go 12.2 with 12 lamps on the outside and 2 large par 56 bulbs in the center, Pogi 32 (Which has 32 lamps total with 8 oscillators) and the massive Go 40 (Platillo). Separate circuits for each motor and lamps.  Safety chain attached to the platter from the underside. Unit has a removable mounting tray for easy installation. Made in Spain.