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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Optec (NESS) Ellipscan Unit

Classic product from Optec!  This is the Ellipscan unit which is a first generation scanner.  The unit is a compact mini gobo projector with a scan head (off-center mirror) attached to the barrel.  How this unit works is a 12 volt DC power source connects to the top where the scan motor is located.  The positive and negative polarity makes the mirror spin back and forth.  There was a dedicated controller originally for this unit but unfortunately I do not have it (If anyone know where I might find one please contact me).  Unit uses a standard gobo holder with an easy access screw so changes can be done on the fly.  The light source is a 12 volt, 75 watt EYF lamp that is powered from a tiny electronic transformer attached to the yolk.  The transformer is switchable 110 / 220 volt from an internal switch.  This fixture is very high quality (Extruded aluminum chassis, micro motor for scan mirror) and is very rugged.  Great piece made here in the US.