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Friday, June 28, 2013

Martin Supermoon

I think this might be the largest of all of the moonflowers produced!  This is the original Martin Supermoon.  The unit uses a common 24 volt, 250 watt EHJ lamp with a very large mirrored dish behind it. The mirror dish features an adjustable speed DC motor for slow to very fast beam rotation.  Attached to the plate that holds the mirror dish assembly is another small DC motor with an off-balance weight attached to the shaft.  This motor rotates at different speeds to make a ‘Shaking’ effect as the entire unit is mounted on springs.  Located on the front of the unit is yet another Adjustable speed DC motor. This motor is used to rotate the color wheel at the front of the unit.  The wheel has 5 colors & white (no color).  All functions of this unit are controlled from the 19” rack mount controller which features dedicated speed adjustment knobs for all 3 DC motors and also has an audio input (1/4” Plug) for audio synchronization.  Each motor also has a push button to make the specific motor either respond to music or bypass and be run manually.  Essentially you can choose to have some motors running constantly or reacting to music.  Unit made in Denmark.