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Monday, August 30, 2010

Kremesa B60/2G Cosmos Ball

02/23/2011 Ball is done!!! See Video!!!

12/31/2010 Update: Base motor finaly arrived!! Just have to wire up and connect the ball. After I test unit should be 100%!!!

Kremesa B-60 Cosmos Ball Video

09/12/2010 Update: Ball just got all of the internal wiring and bulbs installed. Inside looks like spaghetti! Next on to the rotation motors.

09/07/2010 Update: Ball has been cleaned and holes were drilled for the neon indicators. This unit will be modified from the original. In the original setup the unit had the neon bulbs built into the bulb units and did not use the 4515 - 6 volt, 30 watt bulbs that this one will use. The original used 6 volt, 35 watt Osram Halostar lamps in a special housing. The special Kremesa heads were not with the unit when purchased, so a little modification was needed.

The original Kremesa lamp housing

Ball as it looked originally: